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Comply with GDPR and CCPA with a few clicks of a button

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Trivacy automates the laborious process of locating, viewing, exporting, anonymizing and deleting personal data in your Salesforce organisation.

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Personally identifiable information (PII) in Salesforce is spread out over many places. Managing all that personal data to comply with privacy regulation requires deep technical knowledge, and even with that, is laborious and error-prone.

Trivacy is a Salesforce app that brings together personal data spread out over different objects in a single page. After a few steps in an easy setup wizard, you can mange (review, edit, export, obfuscate, anonymize or delete) personal data across all linked records in a few clicks.

Trivacy makes it easy to comply with the various requirements of data protection regulation, including the right of access, portability, rectification, and erasure (right to be forgotten), and reduces the exposure to leaking personal data inadvertently.

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Fully On-Platform

Native Salesforce App. No external software needed.

Your data doesn't leave Salesforce.

Trivacy’s out-of-the-box configuration covers Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and more.

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Not a Salesforce Expert?
No Problem

Trying to delete field history? Or those Chatter records? And do you know where to find email-to-Salesforce records? What permissions to give your users to edit or delete all those?

No need to worry about the intricacies of the Salesforce data model and security - with Trivacy you just click a few buttons to manage all personal data.

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All Personal Data in One Place

Trivacy provides a single page to view, edit and export an individual's data across all their records in Salesforce.

Includes full personal data inventory for the standard Salesforce data model, covering more than 150 fields over 25 objects, as well as their linkages.

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Anonymize, Encrypt or Clear Personal Data in One Click

Trivacy enables standard users to manage (edit, anonymize, encrypt, clear) personal data across all linked records in one click.

Supports all Salesforce data types including: (rich) text, binary, email, ip address, url, geolocation and dates.

Handles hard-to-reach and easy-to- miss personal data, such as field history, Users, Chatter, Emails, etc.

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Anonymize your Sandboxes

Anonymize, encrypt or clear personal data in sandboxes in bulk.

With Trivacy, your in-house or external developers can work in full or partial Salesforce sandboxes, without exposing personal data.

Schedule to run automatically on each sandbox refresh.

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Automate You Data Privacy Processes

Trivacy solves the hard technical problems of locating and managing personal data on Salesforce.

Set up automated data retention and consent management processes with Trivacy.

Integrate Trivacy with other applications through standard Salesforce APIs - no need to learn new APIs.


Trivacy is now available from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Take Trivacy for a Test Drive from the AppExchange or schedule a demo with us to understand how we can help with your personal data protection and data privacy management.

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